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Privacy Policy

We are deeply concerned about your privacy

The website of Web Spiders is meant to serve as a dynamic source of information about our business for visitors. It focuses on the work we do for our clients, as well as the services we are capable of providing. We take your privacy very seriously, and take steps to ensure any personally identifiable information that you

provide on our website is secured against unauthorized access of any kind. Any data you provide is collected, stored and processed, only by authorized employees of Web Spiders. By continuing to browse this website, you are granting Web Spiders the right to collect and store any information that you might submit using forms on the website, and are also agreeing to the privacy policies mentioned below.

How we collect information about you

Web Spiders collects personally identifiable information about you in two ways, either directly through forms on our website that you fill up, or indirectly by placing cookies in the hard disk of your computer as you browse our website. Your e-mail address, for instance, is collected by the server of Web Spiders, when you sign up to receive newsletters.

What cookies are and how they work

Cookies are small-sized text files created by a web server and placed in the hard disk of the visitor's computer. Cookies allow websites to track your browsing habits, as well as preferences. The website of Web Spiders may place cookies in the hard disk of your computer when:

  • You visit the website.
  • You post comments in the blog.
  • You sign up to receive newsletters.

When you visit the website again afterward, the server may access the cookies stored in the hard disk of your computer, in order to:

  • Recognize your computer.
  • Display pages as per your preferred display settings, including, but not limited to font sizes and page layout.
  • Help you fill out forms faster, by automatically completing some of the entries according to the information you provided in the past.
  • Identify you as a returning user. In this way, Web Spiders can track how many unique visitors are accessing the website, on a daily basis.

What we do with your personally identifiable information

At Web Spiders, we take your privacy very seriously, and would never sell any information about you to any third party authorities. Any information you provide is stored securely on our servers, and used to provide better services to you.

Modifications made to the privacy policy

Web Spiders is always growing as a company, interacting with new visitors with each passing day. Our privacy policies may need to be modified periodically, in order to cater to the needs of all the new visitors and clients. However, every change made to the privacy policies will always be updated on this page, as soon as possible. So, please keep checking this page frequently, to ensure you do not miss out on an update that may apply to the information you have provided to Web Spiders, through this website.

If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy, please get in touch with us through the addresses of offices provided on the page named Inquiry Form, under the Contact section. Your feedback is always important to us.

On a final note, if you do not agree with one or more aspects of the Privacy Policy adopted by Web Spiders, then you should stop browsing this website immediately. By continuing to browse this website, you agree with all terms and conditions provided in this website.

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