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ZOE - Enterprise Lead Engagement

Enterprise Lead Engagement

Let AI do the talking.


Lead Engagement and Conversion Robot


Integrate chatbots with Website, Apps, FB Messenger

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Case Studies

Zoe Goes to Superhero Country, Powers Chatbot for C2E2 - Reedpop

The retail Bot providing real-time responses to customer queries on the shopping malls
Chatbot   Voice bot

event2mobile - Leading Secure App Platform for Events & Conferences

Leading Secure App Platform for Enterprise Events & Conferences

Featuring EVA - The First Enterprise Event Chatbot

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Content Factory

Content Factory

Content Production | Data Annotation
for AI and Chatbots

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Gecko - AI Bots for Recruitment


Leverage AI for Candidate Follow-up & Video Pre-screening.

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Fortune 500 Brands. Government Agencies. ISVs. Startups. 10 Countries.

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