How India Became the Largest Ecosystem for Developers

What's one of your biggest concerns about trying to scale your startup? If you answered hiring skilled professional developers, you ain't wrong. 

Imagine hiring a competent group of developers who are problem solvers, creative, proficient in English, and cost-effective to hire. 

Sounds too good to be true? What if we told you this is possible?

Why India is a Hub of Software Developers

IITs and NITs: The Spearhead of Indian Technical Education

India has some of the best computer science and technology colleges worldwide. IITs and NITs are among such institutes with a high benchmark of application-based learning. IITs also attract students from all over the world who apply for admission to study subjects like computer science.

Massive Talent Pool: The Luxury of Options

With over 1.4Bn people, India has one of the biggest talent pools in the world. Software developers are a big chunk of this pool because Computer Science is a common course in all Indian Engineering colleges. This means you can spend all night browsing the list of skilled candidates, drink several coffees, and still not be done with the list! 

Moreover, hiring Indian developers can be helpful (especially as a startup) because unlike hiring from Silicon Valley (or, say, from London), you won't have to spend a fortune for the same (or perhaps better) software development services. 

Good Work Ethics

India's work culture emphasizes quality work delivered on time. You won't have a hard time chasing the developers for an update or getting on long calls repeatedly explaining the same code implementation. As discussed above, Indian developers are problem solvers and think on their feet when taking on challenges at work. They will do the job for you. 

The Demographics

The Indian tech industry has over 5.5 million developers and is growing at 10% per year. According to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), in 2019, India will provide 22% of the workforce to meet the demand for jobs over the next three decades. Furthermore, the startup and education ecosystem is world-class - recently crossing 100 unicorns. This provides a great ecosystem as a global hub for IT Services and IT consulting.

Getting Ahead of Your Competition

From Network Security to SaaS and Fintech, Indian developers are in high demand globally. 

A good way to get ahead of your competition and get a great ROI is by hiring a local entity like Web Spiders, who test the developers for design thinking, clean and scalable code ethics. You can also consider adopting a remote hiring strategy with WS. 

We can help you hire quality talent from 32 Indian cities and manage taxes and payroll on your behalf. Imagine the relief of not stressing over the hiring process. The local entity can understand your hiring needs and source relevant candidates nationwide. 

You can use this time saved on other essential aspects, such as devising winning marketing strategies for your business and client acquisition. 

Furthermore, your competitors are probably hiring skilled Indian developers from tech hubs like Delhi-NCR, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Pune and fulfilling their software development requirements. 

If they can, why not you?

Indian Developers and Skilled in Several Core Technologies

Indian developers are skilled in various languages like PHP, C/C++, JavaScript, Python, etc. The Popularity of Programming Languages Index states that Indian developers are hired for these languages:

  • Python: 31.35%
  • JAVA: 22.16%
  • Javascript: 9.87%
  • C/C++: 8.12%
  • C#: 6.67%

What's in it For You?

Cost Effectiveness

You can reduce your company's IT spend by up to 30% if you outsource your Software Development tasks to Indian developers. Even the priciest Indian IT Hub, Bangalore gives a value advantage over hiring in say places like Mountain View, California.

Furthermore, Indian developers maintain transparency at work and are always looking to upskill. This allows them to provide better quality services. You can also hire the developers at an hourly rate, still significantly lower compared to other nations.

Follow the Sun Time Zone

Thanks to the flexible time zones, there is about four hours of working time overlap. This means easier communication with the developers and lesser turnaround times. 

Over to You

Data suggests India's developer base will skyrocket by 2024 and will become the largest, with a growth rate of 39%. This is a precious opportunity for you to get ahead of the competition and ensure a good ROI for your business. 

So why wait? Get started today! Book a Call today!