The WS Quality Policy

We are committed to provide quality software and creative design services, on time and as per agreed customer requirements.
We continually improve our quality standards and productivity.
We endeavor to innovate across all critical processes of the company.
We strive to satisfy and delight our customers, employees, investors and suppliers.

As a Customer

  • We do everything that it takes to meet your requirements in terms of Time, Cost and Quality.
  • We build and maintain a customer satisfaction index, according to your feedback, from the beginning of the project. We track this index for continual improvement quarter on quarter, to ensure you always get high quality deliveries.
  • We follow defined project management and quality control methodologies. This helps us deliver projects on time, stick to budgets and maintain the highest quality standards in software and creative design.
  • We follow a disciplined and periodic system of Internal Review & Audit coupled with an independent 3rd party audit for our Quality Management System.
  • Our pillars of strength lie in our deep rooted focus on 'continual improvement' and 'innovation'. This helps us bring new opportunities to customers and raise the bar for client satisfaction.

As an Investor

  • Your investments are safe and secure.
  • There is a continuous initiative to yield higher and higher returns on your capital.
  • The EPS is marked as one of the quality objectives to imply the fundamental focus on continual improvement to shareholder satisfaction.
  • Systems and processes of the company are being continuously enhanced to ensure accuracy and transparency in the company's operations.
  • Shareholder satisfaction is the ultimate realisation of all our objectives.

As a Supplier

  • We treat you as partners in growth. The supplier satisfaction index calculated and continually improved at WS ensures that your payments are made ON-TIME as per agreed terms.
  • We demand high levels of performance and quality in your products and services and offer an equally high level of satisfaction in return.
  • Our motto is always long-term and we value your relationship.

As an Employee

  • At WS, all employees are treated equally and with respect. We provide regular training and state-of-the-art infrastructure to help you perform consistently.
  • An Employee Development Index is devised periodically to assess your development in terms of satisfaction and performance. The overall focus on continual improvement ensures that life at WS means continuous growth.
  • Regular appraisals ensure that you are paid and promoted as per the industry standards.
  • Our global outlook and a multi-national employee base ensures that you work with cutting-edge technology, enhanced creativity and efficient process management.
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