Mobile Responsive Sites

Having a mobile website expands the reach of your business to a great extent. While desktop web has its benefits, you really can't tap into the growing mobile user-base until your website is optimised for mobile browsing. But companies find the transition a strain on their resources.

The Seamless Web

With more than 60% traffic originating from mobile devices (as of 2015) in developed countries, responsive sites are forming the ecosystem for customer interaction and acquisition.

What is Responsive Design?

Responsive technology allows a website to adapt to the screen size of the device and provide a seamless experience to the user. If you see more than 10% of your web traffic coming from mobile devices, you need to literally be "responsive" for that audience. Pinching on small screens to read parts of a website can not only be time-consuming, but can also result in the loss of a sale or lead.

Why should you go Responsive?

If online presence drives your business, responsive website is an essential component to have. Here are some of the reasons why many of WS Clients opt for responsive design websites:

  • Single design initiative that addresses all screen sizes efficiently.
  • It is an industry best practice and Google needs you to be responsive as well.
  • It's future-proof. There is no doubt now that mobile will become the platform of choice for website audiences.
  • Site visitors can find what they want. Satisfied visitors convert faster.

Responsive websites are also part of large scale content management systems and should ideally be included in the scope of work whenever sites go through a redesign or an upgrade.

Node.JS development

The event-driven model of the open source Node.JS comes in handy when developers at WS need to build applications that:

  • Need to work with a lot of information in real-time.
  • Have to frequently exchange information with the back-end or server.
  • Need to maintain high performance, even with frequent spikes in web traffic.

Bootstrap development

The Javascript-based Bootstrap framework launched by Twitter helps experienced developers at WS create responsive websites quickly, using HTML and CSS. The notable advantages offered by the framework include:

  • Support for jQuery plugins, which allows implementation of features like address navigation and alerts.
  • HTML and CSS-based templates to include forms, typography, navigation system, buttons, and other components within the user interface.
  • Optional Javascript extensions to implement additional features

SASS (CSS Preprocessor)

Seamlessly compatible with CSS3, Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets (or SASS) help the WS team to extend the capabilities of CSS, ensuring compatibility on both client side and server side. The benefits offered by SASS include:

  • Consistent user experience across leading mobile devices and desktop computers.
  • Easy-to-use multi-level navigation systems built using the Nesting feature.
  • Alteration of a single element reflected across the entire site. This helps in maintaining consistency in colours, branding, etc.

Angular JS development

The robust open source Javascript-based application framework helps developers at WS to maintain a design-development workflow to ensure efficient project management, and build:

  • Single page web applications with intuitive UI that work across leading mobile and desktop platforms.
  • Intuitive UI through declarations on code level.
  • Multiple applications parallelly, when necessary.
Angular JS

A construction company website with display of portfolio, projects and blog

Angular Js

Website for a Luxury Design Company with a unque display of products, press releases across multiple devices

SASS (CSS Preprocessor)

A website for comprehensive health information and self care advice to the people of Scotland.


Parallax design, SVG map (Europe) integration with multiple events, video banner, GA implemention


A website on popular vacation spot displaying different resorts for booking

SASS (CSS Preprocessor)

Build a responisve website in Sitecore following style-guides, and best practices of usability, security and load time


Website Accessibility For Persons With Visual And Hearing Disabilities


Revamp of the exiting website by strictly following style guides, with a "mobile-first" approach

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