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Boost employee productivity and satisfaction with our enterprise apps by providing on-demand access to important information from virtually any location

Adopt enterprise apps to mobilise your workforce to increase responsiveness.

WS offers an extensive range of end-to-end enterprise app development solutions across mobility strategy, enterprise app development, enterprise app testing, and mobile user experience.

WS key solutions in the
mobility space include:

Mobility Strategy

A solid mobile strategy is the first step towards successful enterprise-wide app deployment. With an experienced team of certified developers and strategists on board, WS provides mobility strategies that:

  • Offer maximum business value
  • Utilise latest mobile technologies

Mobile Apps

WS follows a unified approach towards mobile app development, utilising tools like Xamarin to ensure the apps work as smoothly as native applications on all leading mobile platforms, including iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. This offers several benefits, including:

  • High user satisfaction while using the apps.
  • Compatibility with leading mobile devices, including popular smartphones and tablets.
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Mobile App Testing

WS adopts a structured, comprehensive approach towards testing, to ensure all apps run smoothly across various popular mobile devices. Automated testing tools like Appium, Robotium, Monkeyrunner, and EGGPlant are used to increase accuracy of testing to a great extent. WS also makes use of test automation frameworks like Selendroid for large scale testing. These tools not only help in capturing and eliminating glitches in apps, but also:

  • Speed up delivery cycles, ensuring the app can be rolled out quicker.
  • Help in ensuring greater user retention.
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Mobile UX/Design

Proper design is at the heart of enterprise mobility. Without an easy to use interface, an app would soon be abandoned by the employees it was developed for. The talented team of mobile app designers build apps that:

  • Provide uniformly good look and feel for enterprise apps across leading platforms.
  • Ensure users can navigate to any section of the app with just a couple of taps or swipes.
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VMware Defy Convention 2013

The Institute for Infocomm Research- Image processing app, photo browser, photo viewer, photo editor.

Deals and Rewards App

Deals and rewards app- Location based deals which can be grabbed & redeemed – through coupon codes or through QR scan. Geo- fencing alerts based on user’s proximity to outlets. Follow merchants, categories, outlets – get push notified, Share deals through email, Facebook & SMS

Unique Social Recruitment App

Unique social recruitment app- Serendipity search, Interview calendar, payment via secured transfer, real time chat, Radar mode to alert on matching candidates.

VMware Defy Convention 2013

VMware Defy Convention 2013- Upload photo, choose your slogan, create your card in 3 easy steps, social media share, print via in-venue AirPrint, moderate photos, broadcast on a photowall connected with giant screen in-venue.

T30 Anniversery Gamification

T30 anniversary gamification app - An interactive solution for T30 anniversary event for SINGPOST, Q&A sessions, anonymous feedback, photo sharing and surveys , gamification- lucky draw.

Auto Generated Serendipity Bars

6. SLIDING BAR- auto generated Serendipity Bars, the D-E-L-T-A ™ (Date Event Location Time Association) filter, Tag and describe photos, Login thru Facebook to sync.

The Supply Chain Practioners

For the supply chain practitioners- Third party integrations with Salesforce, LMS Junction -18, BrightTALK, Marketo, Pardot, offline data viewing.

Largest Seller of Plywood and Decorative Veneers

Largest seller of plywood and decorative veneers - catalogue collection of plywoods, veneers, laminates, an invaluable tool for designers and homeowners, order placing, bookmark or rate designs and social media share, dealer and branch locator.

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