Marketing Automation

If you are a marketer for a B2B enterprise, you would already know that lead score of inbound leads supercede all other leads by
30 to 45%.

B2B marketing is quite different from B2C marketing. The current best practice is to provide a combination of marketing
automation supported by content marketing that generate inbound leads. As a certified Marketo partner, WS team is trained to
deliver results.

Marketing automation for inbound leads is not as mechanical as it sounds. It requires in depth understanding of the potential
client demographic and match user journeys with touch points that would generate leads. Digital serendipity meets great
content is another way of defining marketing automation.

How can marketing automation help my business?

Prospects are likely to find you via search, social, electronic mailers or a content trail. Marketing automation helps consolidate these channels and deliver contextual content to the end visitor and provide analytics that help improve overall experience. Usual results of marketing automation include:

  • Shorter sales cycle
  • More and better leads
  • Focused content development
  • Advocacy management
  • Reduced resource requirement
  • More effective sales process

Why do you need an inbound marketing agency?

It is apparent that inbound marketing has many moving parts. In fact, large enterprises tend to have as many as a hundred people to service their marketing automation requirements and STILL have an agency to help them out.

An agency such as WS can help in setup, strategy discussions, implementation, management and internal training. With burgeoning requirements, new tools, and no-secret-sauce, inbound marketing can use all the help that you can get.

Some key areas of collaboration with an agency include:

  • Complete on-and-off page optimisation
  • In-depth keyword research
  • Keyword rich content
  • Custom solutions to fit individual customer needs
  • Exhaustive reports and deep analytics
  • All completely white-hat and in accordance with industry best practices, of course
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