A/B Testing Services

Two factors are imperative for the scaling of a web-based business - an increased amount of traffic and an increased rate of conversion of that traffic. Though many businesses spend a lot of time and money on the first criterion, many of them still remain unaware of how much of that incoming traffic actually yields business. The rate of conversion of traffic to business depends on a lot of different criteria that appeal to an user’s psychology and ensure higher engagement and interest.

How can A/B testing help?

Augmenting marketers’ intuition with cold, hard data derived through A/B testing has a number of benefits:

  • Removes majority of the guesswork from design.
  • Helps identify the best design and content for the site.
  • Helps increase the conversion rate of the incoming traffic.
  • Encourage usage of industry best practices when it comes to digital marketing.
  • Data provides insights for strategy.
  • Over a period of time, patterns of usage, creative design elements and various user journeys can be discovered.

A/B testing though supported by many new tools, requires a significant amount of manual handling for experiments, data collection, analysis and strategy. WS teams have developed an internal playbook on A/B testing and create customized structures for each client that include the latest tools, consulting and strategy development as well as all the experiments.


The team of certified Sitecore developers at WS work in tandem with the digital marketing team to leverage the A/B testing capabilities of Sitecore and extract maximum ROI from marketing campaigns.

  • Native optimisation testing on every page, image, e-mail or other components.
  • Multiple optimisation tests run concurrently, which greatly speeds up testing cycles.
  • Experience Analytics with actionable results help optimise landing pages quickly.

Google Analytics

With a dedicated team of developers working on projects based on Google Analytics, we understand how to leverage the benefits provided by GA to carry out A/B tests like no one else. We engage thorough A/B test methodologies to gauge the Google Analytic data to optimize the user end engagement platforms.
  • Use the ‘Experiment’ feature of Google Analytics to design custom made A/B tests.
  • Optimize the call to action features of the user-interface by predicting the data collated from the experiments.
  • Customize the engagement-ratio of the current user base by defining what percentage of the inbound traffic will be engaged in the experiment to generate data.


WS is a trusted provider of A/B testing services with the Drupal content management system. Being a modular CMS, Drupal offers several features that help with A/B testing.

  • Split and multivariate testing are supported by separate modules.
  • Individual page elements can be tracked and optimised to find out the combination that works best for maximising ROI.
  • Native support for responsive design helps in optimising user experience for both mobile and desktop devices.

Ektron-EPI Server

WS Team the extensive support for A/B testing offered by both these CMS-s to tweak marketing campaigns, so as to ensure high rate of visitor response and superior conversion rates.

  • Tests can be focused on individual elements or entire landing pages.
  • Both CMS-s can be used to carry out split, multivariate or experimental tests.
  • Both CMS-s offer out of the box support for responsive design, which ensures maximum user engagement on both mobile devices and desktop computers.


One of the leading marketing optimisation tools around, Optimizely offers native support for A/B testing. WS has a team of experienced developers and marketers, who leverage features offered by Optimizely to help clients generate maximum revenue from their campaigns, using mobile apps.

  • Instant Rollout lets marketers change the look of their apps and launch them immediately, without waiting for app store approval.
  • Multi-platform support ensures consistent experience for visitors using popular mobile devices.
  • Option to re-engage users ensures increased retention of those who have already downloaded campaign-specific apps.

Adobe Test&Target

WS has been consistently using the features of Adobe Test&Target to show clients better ways of optimising their sites, apps, social media and other digital tools, in order to increase user engagement and multiply number of conversions.

  • Adobe Test&Target suite comes with an array of preset rules targeted towards specific market segments. It also gives the option to define these rules for targeted A/B testing.
  • Support for cross-linked multipage tests help marketers track user behaviour better.
  • In-built filtering options based on segments, components or modules help in optimising tests for A/B split testing.
  • Comprehensive reports help users make better decisions.


The CMS comes with out-of-the-box support for A/B testing, and can be used to tweak marketing components extensively. The team of Kentico experts at WS can use this feature to optimise marketing campaigns and boost ROI. The advantages offered by Kentico include:

  • Unlimited testing of web pages with the Online Marketing Solution bundled with the CMS.
  • Optimisation of individual page elements and testing of different combinations with Inbuilt MVT testing module.
  • Real-time reporting ensures campaigns can be tweaked within minutes if necessary, generating increased revenue.

White Paper

Interested to know more about A/B testing and how it can improve your business? Download our Whitepaper now! In it you will find topics such as:
  • Why A/B testing is absolutely necessary for your site
  • The common pitfalls of A/B testing
  • How the lack of A/B testing can cost your business
  • The A/B testing life cycle

WS’ A/B Testing Services

A/B Split Testing

A specific element in a page, such as the position of a form or a tagline, is altered while keeping the rest of the page intact. User response to each version is recorded and evaluated before deciding which one to use.

Multivariate Testing

Multiple elements of the same landing page are altered and tested against other elements. Then, Performance Profiling is done to determine the version that works best in the page or a design component.

Experimental Design

The approach of testing is determined according to the type of module or element being tested. This is the most flexible and widely used form of A/B testing. Digital marketers at WS excel in A/B testing of all forms, but particularly enjoy the experimental design approach for its potential.

WS Expertise

WS offers A/B testing services with leading content management systems like Sitecore, Drupal, Ektron-EPiServer, and Kentico, as well as with leading marketing optimisation tools like Optimizely.

CMS-Based A/B Multivariate Testing

Run Multivariate testing quickly and easily to identify which content is working or under-performing.

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