Content management and system integration
across leading CMS solutions

Over 15 years in the industry, WS has developed a deep domain expertise coupled with the right technical skills and proven methodologies. The WS team offers many advantages to clients, including:

  • Building, testing and deploying solutions with the best tools to meet content management needs.
  • Using cost-effective, reusable assets whenever possible.
  • Using a global delivery network and best shore model.
  • Working with leading vendors like Sitecore, Acquia, Kentico, Ektron-EPiServer to ensure highly effective solutions.

The WS Advantage

High scalability

High scalability

WS offers ECM solutions that meet the needs of a constantly growing website, including:

  • Handling sudden and rapid spikes in web traffic.
  • Accommodating additional multimedia files (images, videos, music, etc.)
Quote With skilled resources, full commitment and amazing flexibility, WS has all the required ingredients to deliver great mobile projects.

- LUCKYLiNK, France
3rd party integration

3rd party integration

WS ensures seamless integration of CMS software with a wide variety of 3rd party software and tools to enable additional functionalities, such as:

  • Search engine optimisation (SEO) modules
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) systems
Multi-platform Responsive Design

Multi-platform responsive design

WS offers highly flexible, responsive web design services with leading CMS-s, ensuring websites look great and work perfectly on both mobile and desktop devices. Benefits include:

  • Protection from search rank loss caused by Google’s Mobilegeddon update.
  • Maximum reach among potential visitors across mobile and desktop platforms.
Partnership with Popular Platforms

Partnership with popular platforms

WS offers content management and system integration services across all leading platforms, including Sitecore, Drupal, Ektron-EPiServer, WordPress and Kentico. WS is also partnered with Acquia, and provides custom Drupal development services. WS’ technology partnerships ensure:

  • Compatibility with latest versions of mobile and desktop browsers.
  • Streamlined system integration with popular third party tools.
Information Architecture Development

Information Architecture development

WS develops comprehensive information architecture at the beginning of any project to ensure every step is completed in a streamlined manner. The advantages of building the architecture include:

  • The entire project structure - including websites, communities (forums, message boards, etc.), and intranet, in a single flow chart or diagram.
  • Library systems and database development, which form the core of the back-end.
Content Strategy Development

Content strategy development

WS develops a comprehensive content strategy at the beginning of each project, ensuring that the content produced for clients becomes a useful business asset for them. The advantages of having a content strategy include:

  • A deadline-based workflow for content production.
  • Plan for customisation of content management systems, for best display of content.
Quote I appreciate the flexibility your team has provided in terms of working hours and quick response to pressing issues. Do keep up this good work as this is the professional services we are looking for.

- International Trade Centre, Geneva
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