Chatbot/Mall Bot

Customer Service Automation on Messaging, Email & Phone

ZOE is a multi-channel customer service bot that can work across channels, including web, social media, SMS and even phone. It responds quickly and with a high degree of accuracy, providing customers with answers to common queries, as well as information on deals and special events.

Retail/Ecommerce Apps

Take Your Store to Your Customer’s Fingertips

Transform the shopping experience for your customers with our mobile apps that provide enterprise-level security for complete peace of mind. Whether you need an e-commerce storefront, or an app to help customers navigate your shopping mall or store, we have the experience and expertise to deliver the desired ROI.


Drupal and Magento E-Commerce Development

Secured Solutions For Online Retail

Our Drupal designs will ensure incremental ROI for your e-commerce platform. They do not burn a hole in your pocket, enables conversion tracking and facilitate lead generation. We will craft your e-shops, customize your shopping carts, provide easy navigation methods and integrate payment gateways.

A shopping cart is an indispensable facet of any e-commerce proposition. Our Magento experts specialize in designing and developing user-friendly shopping carts. Our world-class services include state-of-the-art functionality, hassle-free navigation, the latest in security and safeguards and scalability.


AI Coaching Bot

Quickly Bring New Employees Up To Speed

Upgrade your Sales and Customer Service teams with the Gecko AI Coaching Robot. It comes with a comprehensive set of tools for training and review, allowing sales people to identify flaws as well as opportunities for improvement.

The robot analyzes the recruiters' interview process, generates detailed reports that point out what’s missing and provide hard data like speech rate, conversation ratio, suggestions, etc. Finally, the robot also benchmarks with the most successful calls to provide concrete guidance on improvement.

AI Coaching Robot

Video Interview Bot

Recruit Fast Before Shopping Seasons

Gecko Video conducts thousands of on-demand interviews, allowing you to scale up your workforce quickly. It uses sophisticated AI algorithms and Natural Language Processing to evaluate both candidate responses as well as body language, and then scores them in a leaderboard so that your recruiters can take over. By managing the first and most labour -intensive phase of candidate selection, Gecko Video dramatically cuts down on recruitment time and allows you to recruit the best candidates from large pools.


Content Factory

Boost Customer Engagement with Amazing Content

We offer 24X7 content services to help your marketing and engagement efforts. This includes video, social media content, blogs and whitepapers. Thanks to our expert team of copywriters, graphic artists, video or podcast editors and illustrators, we deliver content that generates leads and drives revenue.

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