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Marketing/PR Content Writer

WS Group is a leading Mobile apps and AI Bots company with headquarters in New York and offices in London, Singapore & India. With a singular focus of driving "user engagement", the products & solutions span multiple industries and channels It is a premier bots and machine learning company that helps brands leverage the promise of AI. This is a unique products company in East India with a focus on building cutting-edge AI-enabled products for Enterprise.

It has over 250 professionals across AI & Mobile stacks in Microsoft and Open Source frameworks. Offices are spread across Singapore, London & New York, Kolkata.

Kolkata new office is one of its kind located in IT heart of the city Rajarhat with approx. 50,000 sq ft work space including yoga, lunch, library and over 4000 sq ft of recreation and relaxation space.

WS Group is a certified partner system integrator of

  • Sitecore
  • Drupal
  • Adobe Solution Partner
  • Kentico
  • Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
  • EPiSERVER and ektron

Web Spiders is looking for Marketing Content Writers with experience in PR Management

Candidates must be fluent in English, and have experience creating various forms of marketing content, including Press Releases, Articles, etc. Experience in market research and coordinating with media partners on campaigns will be considered a plus.


Prior Experience: 5+ Years, with 1.5 Years of Marketing Content.

Location: Kolkata( Rajarhat)


  • Creating promotional/marketing content that is simple, clear, and devoid of hyperbole
  • Conducting research on publications and websites where marketing campaigns can be run, establishing communication with such platforms, and liaising with their representatives to create long-running business relationships.
  • As part of the marketing team, ideating and strategising marketing campaigns by providing input on press releases, newsletters and other marketing content.
  • Writing in a variety of styles. We have clients all over the globe, including countries like USA, UK and Singapore. We would expect you to be quick to learn and quick to adapt.
  • Providing input on design and graphics.
  • Understanding the company business, products and services to a level where you can explain them to a prospect.
  • Be efficient and hungry to learn - the internet scales up every day. So should you.


  • English major with marketing background prefered
  • Excellent command over English language.
  • Ability to write original and engaging online content in fresh, consistent and customer-friendly tone.
  • Ability to write in a variety of formats and styles for multiple audiences.
  • Experience in handling marketing communication (highly preferred).
  • Active presence on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and SlideShare.
  • Fortune 500 Customers
  • Over 300 employees globally
  • Singapore, India, UK, USA

Select Clients

  • omron - WS Group Client
  • Mitsubishi Motors - WS Group Client
  • NUS - WS Group Client
  • Sands - WS Group Client
  • SCM World - WS Group Client
  • International Trade Centre - WS Group Client
  • Syntel - WS Group Client
  • Agency for Science, Technology and Research - WS Group Client
  • Samsung - WS Group Client
  • Aviva - WS Group Client

WS Group is an equal opportunities employer and all applicants will be treated fairly on merit regardless of their; gender, sexual orientation, marital status, age, physical characteristics, religion, race, nationality, ethnic origin or disability.

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