What is ZOE

ZOE is the ultimate AI-powered Enterprise platform to build text and voice bots. It enables you to create, test, deploy, measure and manage your bots creating personalized, native conversational experience within the messaging app of choice.

  • Natural Language Processing

    With rich intent and attributes management

  • Bot-to-Human Takeover

    Track customer sentiments real-time & take over with human agents

  • Integrations

    Integrate with CRM, ERP, Cloud API's

  • Emotion AI

    Understands and evaluates emotional aspects from the video

  • Sentiment Analysis

    Performs sentiment analysis by seeking and collecting feedback

  • Bot Analytics

    Measure & boost interactions, user retention rate and more

Transforming Industries, One After Another
  • FMCG

    Chatbot for Ordering Pizzas

    • Product Suggestions
    • Locating Stores Nearby
    • Connecting to Customer Service
    • Fun Moments with Jokes
  • Apparel & Fashion

    Transforming Industries,
    One After Another

    • Cognitive Image Recognition
    • Product Discovery
    • Real-time Analytics
  • Hotels

    Transforming Industries,
    One After Another

    • Information Discovery
    • Query Resolution
    • Real-time Support

Meet Our Pre-trained bots with Zoe



Chatbot for Event Industry



Video Interview Bot

Future of Chatbots

Messaging apps have surpassed social media networks

on Monthly Active Users (MAU),
says a report by

Business Insider

Monthly active users for top 4 social networks and messaging apps (Source: Business Insider)

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