Mobile Startups

"We know it well. Start-up ideas need hand holding and careful resource management for prototypes and working models to come through. Apart from a great idea, most start-ups need a technology partner who can be with them in the various stages of development and have an eye for detail as well as scale up when demanded.

A 15-year legacy of growing and nurturing start-ups and other tech-heavy organisations has provided the management team at WS insights within the intrinsic working of an entrepreneur's mind. Should come as no surprise as everything at WS has grown due to entrepreneurship!

WS ticks all the boxes when it comes to financial stability, high standard of ethics and of course, quality certifications that has helped the organisation grow steadily over the years.

Mobile Startups
4 Stages of Growth

4 Stages of Mobile Growth

Identify pain points that your business will solve


Conduct market research to assess demand for your product


Modify business strategy to attract more customer/leads


Upgrade facilities according to growth of client base

Cutting-edge & cost managed mobile app development

Our knowledge in mobile app development on popular platforms like iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry extends beyond the obvious and includes Research & Development pertaining to new features that our clients demand.:

Partnerships with Xamarin helps us develop mobile apps that look and work just like native apps for each platform. Thinking Entreprise? Partnerships with Mobileiron and upcoming enterprise tools helps us create best practices for enterprise product application development in-house.

The "Few-tap" design theory

The changing face of UX is a challenge for even the most proficient app designers. WS's team's personal commitment to keep pace with the changing face of Mobile UX design, with in-depth study of the latest best practices gives its clients an opportunity to have intelligent UX designs that can help create competitive advantage for the product.

End result? Strategies and internal playbooks designed to work with the fewest taps in an app to ensure users have a productive experience with the product.

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