What is TensorFlow

TensorFlow is an open-source machine learning framework developed by Google. It aims to develop systems that can train neural networks to detect & identify the patterns, similar to the learning & reasoning which humans use.

Web Spiders offers expert consultation & development services for building custom machine learning models powered by TensorFlow.

What is Data Annotation?

Even the most sophisticated Machine Learning systems need some help. Data Annotation is the process of enriching data with labels, annotations and metadata so that your algorithms learn faster, and perform better.

Solve Real Business Problems
using Machine Learning

  • Which video should the user watch next?

  • What food behavior leads children to acquire allergies?

  • What kind of skill a candidate possess based on their answers in a test?

  • Which product will run out of stock next month?

Our Machine Learning Solutions

  • Building custom machine learning models that helps in image recognition, pattern recognition, organizing content, data analysis and many more.
  • Expert consultation on implementing Neural Networks using Tensorflow

Our Data Annotation Solutions

Computer Vision

  • Building training data using a mix of Facial and Skeletal Key Points, Bounding Box and Contour Annotation and Dense Segmentation
  • Moving Object tracking for videos, including objects, gestures and expressions

Natural Language Processing

  • Adding meaning to your textual and natural language data by utilizing a mix of Entity Recognition, Intent Recognition, Entity Extraction, Speech-to-text and Salience Rating.
  • Experience in multilingual projects for leading companies in Travel, Retail, Finance and Events sectors

Chat Annotation

  • Taking your customer chat conversations and converting them to intelligence for your Machine Learning solutions
  • Providing your customers a richer, more insightful chat experience on your multi-touchpoint chatbot

Email Classification

  • Enhancing your automated email solution with intelligence from business conversations that allows your Machine learning engine to identify email intent and create relevant responses
  • Creating language data sets to enable the AI engine to scan sales and recruitment emails and forward to relevant personnel when necessary

Entity Extraction

  • Identifying and extracting entities from various natural language data sources, including transcripts, articles, website content, product descriptions and more
  • Creation of custom word dictionaries to ensure entities are relevant to your industry and business

Why WS?

  • Specialized in Artificial Intelligence & Natural Language Processing
  • Compatibility Expert team of Machine Learning Architects & Engineers
  • Clients across B2B, B2C and Government2Citizen (G2C) Sectors Global Presence
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