What is TensorFlow

TensorFlow is an open-source machine learning framework developed by Google. It aims to develop systems that can train neural networks to detect & identify the patterns, similar to the learning & reasoning which humans use.

Web Spiders offers expert consultation & development services for building custom machine learning models powered by TensorFlow.

Solve Real Business Problems
using Machine Learning

  • Which video should the user watch next?

  • What food behavior leads children to acquire allergies?

  • What kind of skill a candidate possess based on their answers in a test?

  • Which product will run out of stock next month?

Our Machine Learning Solutions

  • Building custom machine learning models that helps in image recognition, pattern recognition, organizing content, data analysis and many more.
  • Expert consultation on implementing Neural Networks using Tensorflow

Why WS?

  • Specialized in Artificial Intelligence & Natural Language Processing
  • Compatibility Expert team of Machine Learning Architects & Engineers
  • Clients across B2B, B2C and Government2Citizen (G2C) Sectors Global Presence
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