• Natural Language Processing

    Understands natural language used in daily interpersonal communication.

  • Provides Answers

    Responds to candidate questions on job requirements & benefits.

  • Asks Questions

    Across Domains, Logic and Psychometrics.

  • Question Bank

    Provides a starter question bank that can be updated as per need.

  • Scores

    Provides detailed report and score on the interview.

  • Assistance

    Gives a headstart to the human interviewer.

  • Peer Ratings

    Allows recruiters to share candidate interview summary with other interviewers for further review.

  • Interviewee Perspective

    Helps compile and analyze the perspective of the interviewee.

  • Sentiment Analysis

    Performs sentiment analysis by seeking and collecting interviewee feedback.

  • Comparative Analysis

    Bot provides a comparative analysis of interviewee data and scores.

  • Proficiency Report

    Bot analytics provide a proficiency report of each interviewee and rates their suitability for different profiles.

  • Ranking Report

    Provides candidate ranking report based on parameters like multiple choice answers, sentiments and the candidates' overall score.

Things I Can Do

Conduct Unbiased Recruitment

Store Extensive Database

Randomize Question Sets

Gather Candidate Information

Produce Perfect Score Reports

Be Completely Customized

See Gecko In Action

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