Conversation AI (Chat and Email Bots) in Education

Sid (CEO, Web Spiders ) discusses the impact of chatbots and email bots in the education sector with specialist chatbot and email bot designers.

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Student Concierge Bot - Chat and Email

Support in the Fraction of a Second

Millennials value speed above all, and chatbots are already faster than human agents in most cases. Our integrated chat and email service bot can provide support on multiple channels and platforms, responding to basic queries with over 95% accuracy.


Campus & Workplace App

A single app for students and staff

Provides students and employees with critical information like classes, calendar, holidays, results, etc, all in one single app. Multiple profiles allow students and staff to use the same app with varying degrees of access.

Easy to personalize and navigate, the Campus and Workplace app ensures your students and staff always have relevant information at their fingertips.

AI Coaching Robot

Cadence Marketing

Follow Up With Applicants and Increase Sales

ZOE Cadence allows you to follow-up with your prospective students via email, SMS, social messaging & even voice-calls. You can automate your complete follow-up operations. Furthermore, you can scale exponentially as our Cadence Marketing platform can carry out thousands of individual follow-ups simultaneously & persistently.


AI Coaching Robot

Customer Service Coaching | Sales Coaching | Interviewer Coaching

Upgrade your Sales and Customer Service teams with the Gecko AI Coaching Robot. It comes with a comprehensive set of tools for training and review, allowing sales people to identify flaws as well as opportunities for improvement.

The robot analyzes the recruiters' interview process, generates detailed reports that point out what’s missing and provide hard data like speech rate, conversation ratio, suggestions, etc. Finally, the robot also benchmarks with the most successful calls to provide concrete guidance on improvement.

AI Coaching Robot

Gecko - Video Interviews

Speed up, scale up, and Recruit the Best

Recruit the best teachers and staff with Gecko. Dramatically reduce hiring time, even with a selection pool that's a hundred times larger!

On-demand interviews allow candidates more flexibility while the AI engine sorts candidates based on performance, helping recruiters hire quickly.


Drupal + Moodle

Smooth Workflow, Powered by Open Source

The two best open source solutions to empower your Content Management System and Learning Management System, and we're the experts! Our experienced engineers ensure your technology backbone is strong enough to handle the added growth we can help you bring.


Content Factory

The One-Stop Content Shop

Avail 24/7 content services, including social media content, whitepapers, blogs, videos, and more. Allow our expert team of graphic artists, illustrators, podcasts and video editors, copywriters, etc to provide you content which not only maintains industry standards but also drives engagement.

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