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Web Spiders provides digital engagement solutions to leading global education institutions. Our expertise in mobile apps, social media, AI bots and other emerging technologies helps them engage students, teachers, alumni and more. From recruitment to marketing, from lead generation to the creation of online learning systems, take a look at some of the solutions we offer.

Conversation AI (Chat and Email Bots) in Education

Sid (CEO, Web Spiders ) discusses the impact of chatbots and email bots in the education sector with specialist chatbot and email bot designers.

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Integrate all Administrative Activities Under a Canopy

Automate administrative activities, manage payrolls and conduct training & development programs with our LMS (Learning Management System).


Engage Students with a Smart App

Provides students with critical information like classes, calendar, holidays, results, etc, all in one single app. A sleek and modern UX design ensures that the app is easy to use.


AI-Powered Chatbot Provides 24x7 Assistance

Respond to queries from interested students immediately with a chatbot. An AI-powered chatbot supports your sales team while working 365x24x7. No vacations, no breaks.


Create Social Media Buzz

Impress your alumni and students with your incredible social media presence with our digital marketing team. Engagement, conversation, brand buzz - they all depend on an amazing social presence.


Stun Your Website Visitors with a Brand New UI/ UX

Engage your website visitors, minimize bounce rate and amplify website traffic by giving your website a makeover. Stable, secure, and visually elegant - we do it all.


Effortlessly Select the Cream of Students/Teachers

Hire and select the best of teachers and students for your institution with our AI-based video interview bot. Minimize human involvement in the selection process and get the best of results.

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