Web Application development for a leading cruising club

World Cruising Club is the world’s leading sailing rally specialist and they organise rallies across the world each year. Different marketing brochures and other related items are required by the members of the teams taking part in these rallies. Their website facilitates the order and despatch of these items to registered users.

There was no online system earlier and the issuance of brochures and other materials was done manually. Keeping track of every such order placed was time-consuming.

What we did


  • WS team developed a custom web application, where users could register and place orders, either for individual shipments or for bulk orders to countries across the globe.
  • The user would need to choose the appropriate option and then specify the Rally Handbook required for placing the order.
  • An email notification would immediately be sent to the WCC admin, who would then arrange for shipment of the items.
  • The users, in turn, would be notified when the items were despatched through courier.
  • The WCC admin could view reports of orders placed and thus keep track of them in a hassle-free manner.


Solution Highlights

  • Easier and more efficient maintenance of the web solution now
  • Easy Tracking system for WCC Admin increasing overall efficiency of managers
  • Dashboard to view reports of the orders placed and do necessary analysis across quarters

What we achieved

The client was satisfied with the way the solution developed by WS team helped them manage records and streamline daily operations. 

Here's what their representative had to say - "I appreciate the flexibility your team has provided in terms of working hours and quick response to pressing issues. Do keep up this good work as this is the professional services we are looking for."

Web Application development for a leading cruising club

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