A social recruitment mobile and web app

LUCKYLiNK is a social recruitment app and website which connects hotels, bars, clubs, and restaurants. LUCKYLiNK  approached WS to develop a social commerce app with the iOS platform.


What we did

LUCKYLiNK wants to create a social commerce app with following features:

  • Showcase products and services offered
  • Track User Current Location & Broadcasting them
  • Set Meeting
  • Can do payments from App
  • Notifications

Solution Highlights

Client Wanted a social commerce & geo-location based application known  as Luckylink which will bring buyers & sellers onto the same platform,  wherein buyers can put on their needs, and based on a symantic search the system will intelligently pick the products & services offered by buyers around the users’ current location and will be fed to the app via push notification. Users can set meeting, do payments for the services offered, and also do serendipity settings in the app using which they can control the notification frequency, location capturing & broadcasting and similar such settings.

What we achieved

  • Decrease distance between Buyers and sellers via Meeting Feature
  • Help users to choose products as per their preference in their location

A social recruitment mobile and web app

Industry :
Expertise :
CMS Integration , E-commerce and M-commerce , Enterprise Mobile App Solutions , Responsive Website
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United States



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