Social media marketing across multiple channels for Singapore’s leading baby food producer

The client approached WS to manage their social channels and leverage social media to keep in touch with their customers. The client required us to provide health tips for babies, product information, organise contests and inform about special offers to their customers via social media.

What we did

  • Managed client’s Facebook account, promoted their products, organised contests, and showcased discounts and special offers.
  • Designed a visually attractive Facebook app that generated a code for the users when they registered with their name, NRIC number, phone number & email address. With the generated code, users could claim freebies from the client’s booth at Baby Market Fair event.
  • Provided design services for periodic refresh of Facebook cover images and newsletters.
  • Managed distribution of newsletters.

Solution Highlights

  • WS ran a popular contest on the Facebook page of the client, where users were asked to submit images of their babies having the client’s products, via Facebook messages. All images were branded and uploaded to a contest gallery. Users were asked to share the contest link with friends to receive Likes. The winners were selected on the basis of highest number of Likes. The contest garnered 35 entries and 1509 Likes.
  • WS also provided other design services like creating multiple Facebook covers on special events to regularly refresh the appearance of the page, as well as newsletters for events and was responsible for their distribution.
  • WS followed a similar strategy for other social networking platforms, namely, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram and achieved considerable success.

What we achieved

With continuous efforts to make the Facebook page of the client even more engaging, WS has successfully increased their Facebook Likes to 5747 (and counting). Considering the results on Facebook, the client decided to expand to Pinterest and Instagram from January 2015. Till date, the client has 84 followers on Twitter, 197 followers on Instagram and 121 followers on Pinterest. Overall, the client is pleased with the results of the project.

Social media marketing across multiple channels for Singapore’s leading baby food producer

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Food and Beverages
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Social Media Management
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