Rollout of a CMS enabled websites for 15+ distributors in Europe for Japanese automobile conglomerate

Mitsubishi Motors Europe wanted to revamp the web interface for distributors of Mitsubishi Motors Europe (MME) for their distributors; with an aim to promote the Mitsubishi's car models and help achieve high conversion rates. With this business need, the inMotion project was offered to WS.

The proposed system was suggested to enhance the way for distributing models for the corresponding countries through a content management system that the distributors as well as the Information Management team of MME can work on the content of the corresponding countries very easily. It was in need to be a country specific multilanguage application to give ease to the audiences of the application. 

What we did

  • Integration with Car Models Data System and Dealer System
  • Congruent strategy and focus on information communication, Multilingual, Responsive, usability
  • Consistent branding and marketing information, High Level SEO, GTM Integration
  • Ektron eSync tool for content replication and synchronisation across multiple server farms
  • Integration with Video Management System (BUTO) for better Streaming Contents
  • Automated Sitemap Generation, URL Aliasing, Content Caching
  • Flexibilities and advanced mechanism of content distribution to include video sliders, parallax and gallery to showcase the models and their features more precisely which helps to bring more users towards the application and business.
  • A sophisticated system to showcase 360 view of the distributed cars. The users can configure the displayed cars with their desired colors and specification.
  • An easy to use car configurator section for the distributors for preparing the newly launched cars for the consumers.
  • We have tested and optimized the environment configurations as well as application, analyzing the performance test results and observations.
  • Based on this, the new environment and application was able to retain the load of 1500 concurrent users and was running without any issues during their Campaign.

Solution Highlights

  • A robust and scalable architecture to meet varied needs of distributors
  • Real time updates with minimal spend of infrastructure and license
  • XLiff solution to make the translations for the contents easily and rapidly for configuring a new site-set for new distributors.
  • Optimized solution in respect to the applied technologies, which enables to maintain response time of less than 1 second.
  • The solution remains within a 24 X 7 monitoring process and maintains 99.9% availability
  • An extensive usage of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager in order to trace the target audience base and leads generating through the system.

What we achieved

The feedback from the client speaks for the same.

"I want to use the possibility to thank you and the whole team for this incredible job. Well done! Honestly, once you sent your first time schedule, we weren't sure, if this close time table will be reachable. You placed the right people into this project and now we are online. Once again, great job, thank you!

Furthermore, I want to thank also Web Spider's and Lukkien team and, especially Conny. This project would not have been possible without your great commitment. Thank you, well done!"

~ German Distributor


"What else do I need to add to these great words.

Receiving such kind of compliments from our distributor is what we are working for in the end.


I personally think it is really important in our job to make our customers happy and show them our added value by bringing nice and working solutions.

You all showed and proved this during this M3i Mobile website project. Many many many thanks for this great job done!"

~ R-CIO, Mitsubishi Motors Europe B.V., The Netherlands

Rollout of a CMS enabled websites for 15+ distributors in Europe for Japanese automobile conglomerate

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