Responsive website with PHP technology for event

IPI approached WS for creating and enhancing the responsive Global Event Management website which offers various technologies to the end users.

What we did

WS developed a responsive site using PHP technology. The details are as highlighted under:

  • User can create content, upload images and files
  • Social platform integration so that contents can be shared
  • Applied the validation so that user can not create meeting more than one in same time slot with dynamic allocation of allocated location.
  • Email notification will be fire to respective user once they get registered. When their offers created, update and approved will be ready to view
  • Integrates API from other relative site
  • Memcached and Varnish Cache integration in this site
  • WS developed this site with Drupal 7 (Microsite)

Solution Highlights

  • Support different file types so that user can upload images and document with various file type
  • Provide the platform where user can apply the category themes on their created offers
  • Provide Filter section with reset option so that if user is not satisfied with their selection they can again re-selection the complete search once again
  • Attendance updation using API

What we achieved

  • High user satisfaction
  • Increased visits from users
  • High number of registration
  • Numerous Meeting schedule
  • Client satisfaction

Responsive website with PHP technology for event

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