Responsive website development and Instagram integration

SG50 Economic Miracle Exhibition is an initiative taken by the Government of Singapore to showcase the various economic achievements of Singapore over the last 50 years. It is part of the government’s SG50 initiative celebrating Singapore’s 50th birthday. The Exhibition also acknowledges the personalities who have made Singapore’s a significant force in the global economy.

The managing authority for the exhibition, Spark Planners Pte. Ltd., approached WS to build a microsite which would host all relevant information about the exhibition, as well as multiple contests with interactive elements. The microsite had to be smoothly accessible on all devices. Since the contest involved participants providing their private information, stringent safeguards were needed to protect the data as well.

What we did

WS developed a new microsite for the SG50 Economic Miracle Exhibition. The site featured responsive design to ensure it would be equally functional and beautiful on all platforms - desktop or mobile. WS also provided hosting services for the microsite, along with strong security measures to protect sensitive information. A simple, elegant interface and menu structure were implemented to ensure visitors would have an easy time navigating the microsite. Colourful banners and bold illustrations were used to make it visually attractive.

The microsite was also used to host two contests. The first one, named “Local Champions, Global Leaders”, had visitors voting for various successful business stories. In addition to the voting module, WS implemented a login functionality, whereby users could login through their Facebook id or a custom login id they could generate. This was done to ensure votes were authentic. A second contest was executed by the client where users could upload images on their instagram accounts with a specific hashtag, and the images would appear in the contest gallery in the microsite. This was accomplished by integrating Instagram API with the contest page.

Solution Highlights

  • Responsive microsite design, development and hosting
  • Log in to site through Facebook or custom ID
  • Strong security measures to protect sensitive information
  • Instagram integration

What we achieved

The client was extremely satisfied with our agility in response and support. Nearly 20,000 visitors used the voting application to participate in the voting contest, with the site remaining robust as ever even during periods of heavy traffic and usage.

Responsive website development and Instagram integration

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