Responsive Website for Customer Engagement campaign

WS was asked to create campaign page to engage end user where user can upload images to create funny and customise videos. The requirements were as follows:

  • End User should be able to view the Ad video prepared for the campaign
  • End user should be able to share this Ad video to the Social platform or can share the link via email to their friend
  • End user should be able to upload three images as a selfie, family photo and as a Superhero pose
  • End user should be able to also use stickers, emoji or themes on the uploaded images to make it more attractive
  • Once End user is satisfied with the preview they should be able to register themselves to post these images and to make customise video
  • New customize video will have these uploaded images by end user and will show in Gallery section with their name
  • They should be able to share their own customize video to Social platform
  • User should be able to create video once in a day with same email id.
  • Admin should be able to preview the images uploaded by the user and can check the video created for the user.
  • Admin should be able to moderate like delete or make it unpublished the video if needed.
  • Admin should be able to search for exact posting with user name, email, language state city or can use date range to filter the result

What we did

  • WS developed a responsive site using PHP technology which will show both English and Spanish contents separately
  • User can upload images and can apply stickers, emojis or themes to make their images more funny more attractive
  • Images uploaded by end users will placed at Ad videos to make their own customise videos.
  • Social platform integration so that contents can be shared with unique urls
  • Applied the validation so that user can not create videos more than one in same day.
  • Email notification will be fire to end user once their video will be ready to view
  • Server configuration to minimise the load at frontend accessed by end user and complete back end process shifted to another server.

Solution Highlights

  • Support different file types so that user can upload images with various file type
  • Provide the platform where user can apply the stickers themes and emoji on their uploaded images to make it more attractive
  • Provide Preview section with reset option so that if user is not satisfied with their customization they can again reinitiate the complete process once again
  • Language specifice Gallery content where user can get the custom video with their selfie image in video thumbnail along with search features
  • Based on language present in referal link, navigation of the site with specific site language

What we achieved

  • High user satisfaction
  • Increased visits from users
  • High number of video counts
  • Client satisfaction

Responsive Website for Customer Engagement campaign

Industry :
Food and Beverages
Expertise :
CMS Integration , Responsive Website
Country :
United States



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