An online application for an enterprise managed hosting provider to support their customer accounts

At initial stage company’s all the hosting related services were provided to its customers, either by busy Admin cPanel, or by

JAVA applets - which heavily emphasis on installaing precise JAVA plug-ins and add-ons to users’ machine. Eventually it became a very not-so-enthusiastic approach at users’ end. Therefore the company also wanted a much more reliable solution in regards of providing their services online, in fast and logical way - before their old online applications. The initial application requirement was to give an application dashboard where an user can maintain his/her account data, correspondence, manage contacts, purchase product from the

Company’s store, maintain Hosting related Accounts and their corresponding data, private/group chat-video and many

What we did

  • User information and contact management
  • Public (group) / Private Chat with contacts
  • Private video-chat
  • Live whiteboard
  • User’s hosting Account management (Holds many sub-section with numerous hosting related supports, queries, reporting etc.)
  • Online Company store to purchase hosting related products directly
  • A Wiki-base
  • A custom diagrammer environment

Solution Highlights

  • Introduction of a new UI interface, which is generally found in mobile technologies - slide-in and slide-out (one view at a moment).
  • Restructuring the whole UI logic, comes-up to Spark engine (more lightweight and robust engine than previous Flex SDK engine Moxie).
  • Now the application beside looks identical to a tablet application, and runs on web and desktop seamlessly.

What we achieved

A many facet solution

Supporting a company with their many activities along with an enterprise application, nonetheless to say - couldn’t be an one face job (solution). We approached with a multi facet solution to meet those requirements; this means sometime we required to have a rigorous research, doing things from scratch, building different applications, extending features sets in the enterprise application etc.

An online application for an enterprise managed hosting provider to support their customer accounts

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Information Technology
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Responsive Website
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United States



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