Multipurpose Custom Website Development to Aid Differently Abled Users.

Indian Institute of Management Calcutta abbreviated as IIM-C, one of the leading business schools in India and the Asia Pacific region. IIM-C approached WS with the idea of introducing and implementing several technologies in their IIMC website like: JAWS tools, High Contrast, different text sizes, Closed Captioning to make a website comfortable for the audio visually challenged.

What we did

  • Offered the site with more contrast between elements.
  • Made use of bold clear text or iconography for added readability on low-contrast items and avoid very thin fonts.
  • Did not use any JavaScript or CSS techniques that would prevent users from highlighting elements of the page with their mouse or change the default highlight behaviour. The Website was developed using Drupal with HTML 5 and CSS 3
  • Ensured the presence of different colour combination to suit the purpose of differently abled visually challenged users
  • Provided the option for captions and other alternatives for multimedia.
  • Provide text alternatives for non-text content.
  • Alternative textual content with minimal pictures and link.

Solution Highlights

WS also implemented Keyboard shortcuts to make the site navigation for the visually impaired user far easier. The site can be easily navigated with keyboard commands with the use of arrow keys and a few quick keystrokes, eliminating the need to follow a mouse cursor across a screen.

Visual impairments users surf the web on large monitors (23" or bigger), which can lead to a lot of head and eye movement, particularly at shorter focal distances. The shortcut via keyboard navigation eases their usability.

What we achieved

The website was developed as per the multiple pre-requisites and delivered in 4 months much to the client’s satisfaction.

Multipurpose Custom Website Development to Aid Differently Abled Users.

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