Mobile website development, along with CMS-driven widget

Nutricia has been committed to bringing health through food to as many people as possible. Nutricia also supplies high quality feeds, systems, and support services to its patients and healthcare professionals. As such, its website forms an integral platform where information about its products and services and other helpful resources are hosted for the benefit of the target audience.

Nutricia wanted to create a mobile version of their website. This way, they aimed to reach out to a larger audience which is always on the go. The mobile version of the website was optimized for touch screen phones like iPhone and iPad as well as non-touch devices such as Blackberry. They wanted the website to have a mini-search widget for product search.

What we did

Keeping in lines with the client's requirements, WS created a visually stunning website. The mobile version of the website follows the same theme as the web version. The website works perfectly on touchscreen phones. The website has a mini CMS-driven product search widget. Administrators have the rights to upload latest information pertaining to the company such as new launches, etc.

Solution Highlights

Fresh look and feel, as well as upgraded product structure.

Nutritional calculator was updated with advanced UI and Sales force implementation for New-user registration.

Mobile website fetches data from MySQL and uses Expression Engine Mobile Template System.

What we achieved

Web Spiders gained knowledge of Expression Engine CMS in record 10 days time, and provided the solution to Nutricia, wherein the legacy data from their older system were brought into and integrated into the Expression Engine CMS, and the site and features were built to cater to both the desktop web site as well as the Mobile site, without having to compromise on-site features or functionalities.

Nutricia UK was impressed with WS’ work and entrusted the job of revamping their website.

Mobile website development, along with CMS-driven widget

Industry :
Lifestyle, Beauty and Fashion
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Responsive Website
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United Kingdom



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