A mobile CMS enabled responsive site for the iconic 5-star hotel in Singapore

Las Vegas Sands Corp. (LVSC) is the leading global developer of destination properties (integrated resorts) that feature premium accommodations, world-class gaming and entertainment, convention and exhibition facilities, celebrity chef restaurants, and many other amenities.

LVSC approached WS to develop a mobile website for the iconic Marina Bay Sands – Las Vegas Sand Corp.'s premier entertainment destination in Singapore – which is an integrated resort along the Marina Bay waterfront, and is widely regarded as the one of the best entertainment, business and leisure destinations in the world.

What we did

WS developed the mobile version of the website www.marinabaysands.com keeping in mind the specific requirements of the client. The mobile optimised version of the website focused on presenting information in a user-friendly manner. Full integration of content which is dynamic in nature, including text, media and imagery as supplied by the client was managed through the existing Ektron CMS.

Solution Highlights

  • Easy navigation and usability aspects were given a importance while developing the mobile version of the website. WS developed the following templates for the site:
    What's happening
    Maps and Directions

    Each of these templates were furnished with 'Call to Book', 'Call to Reserve' and 'Call to Locate' buttons. While 'Call to Book' and 'Call to Reserve' directly dials a number, 'Click to Locate' directs one to a map image along with relevant description. WS ensured that all 'Call to Action' buttons have links/numbers managed from CMS.

  • Akamai caching to cache client - WS utilized Akamai caching to ensure website loaded quickly on mobile devices and desktop computers.
  • Tripadvisor implementation - WS integrated Tripadvisor module into the website, to ensure visitors could directly rate the location or submit reviews on Tripadvisor, through the site itself.
  • Event calendar implementation - WS included an event calendar into the website, where dates of important events are marked, so that visitors can keep track of those easily.
  • Hotel booking and e-commerce (3rd Party integration) implementation - WS included hotel booking options and made it possible for visitors to pay within the website itself, through integration of 3rd party ecommerce module.

    All the while the work was in progress, the team of expert mobile website designers and developers, programmers and system analysts at WS kept in mind that the ultimate target audience of the client were touchscreen iPhone and Android users, as well as non-touchscreen Blackberry users.

    WS shared a real-time project management system with the client in order to keep a track and update about the various modules finalized. WS also ensured that utmost usability is rendered and devised a solution that's scalable, flexible, cost-effective, secure and robust to the satisfaction of the client.

What we achieved

The client was delighted with the way WS delivered the websites quickly. This is what they had to say

This project would not have been possible without your great commitment.
Thank you, well done!

A mobile CMS enabled responsive site for the iconic 5-star hotel in Singapore

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