An LMS-driven e-learning courseware on Diversity

The client wanted a “Diversity Game” that would enhance organizational learning and awareness by taking the player through a set of minigames in an overarching environment.

What we did

WS developed the Makrini game-based courseware. Makrini is a graphically rich online simulation that lets the player interact with a diverse set of alien species. It aims to deliver effective diversity awareness and training by helping the user understand how his actions affect the world around him. 

Solution Highlights

  • The user plays the role of an employee in the space station/interspecies trading hub “Makrini”.
  • Makrini depends on the goodwill of customers to generate business.
  • The game is divided into six minigames and the player’s performance at these minigames dictate how the overarching game environment changes.
  • Makrini has many different retail, trading and business environments which are affected variously by the environmental variables.
  • At the end of the game, the playing character’s species is revealed, based on his actions in the game

What we achieved

Makrini runs on an Internet browser and does only communication with LMS to store data on user's progress for client MIS reports. The client was delighted with the solution and used the courseware for 2 successive years.

An LMS-driven e-learning courseware on Diversity

Industry :
Banking and Insurance
Expertise :
E- Learning
Country :
United Kingdom



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