An interactive serious game on IT security awareness

HP, the leading IT Company specializing in both hardware and software, wanted an interactive e-learning courseware developed to help Small & Medium Entrepreneurs enhance their IT security awareness.

What we did

A web based game was developed where the learner would have the opportunity to learn about various IT-related security hazards that exist in an organization. In the game, the learner would get the opportunity to interact, solve problems, learn on security.

Solution Highlights

  • Interact with virtual colleagues, vendors, clients etc.
  • Arm himself or herself with tools like Virus Scanners, Registry Cleaners and Disc Defragmenters to solve various problems. Proper selection of tools is crucial to success in the game.
  • Perform tasks like scanning a file for viruses and using passwords to keep his or her data secure to minimize security risks.
  • Receive information from various sources like a PDA, a video phone as well as by interacting with multiple characters for clues on how to perform the tasks given.

What we achieved

The game features many real-world scenarios in rich 3D and introduces the user to the many hazards he or she is likely to face, thereby increasing the users awareness of the potential IT security loopholes that may exist in a small or medium sized company. The courseware was a big success with the customers of HP.

An interactive serious game on IT security awareness

Industry :
Information Technology , Retail and Consumer Products
Expertise :
E- Learning
Country :
United Kingdom



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