Helping SCM World to run their monthly webinar smoothly within a major traffic

SCM World was facing a big problem as the hosting environment and the Ektron CMS based application was not stable to distribute their monthly webinar through the application. The application becomes non-responsive and was causing the whole hosting environment idle due to huge amount of physical resource usage. They contacted Web Spiders to investigate and optimize the system so that the application within the hosting environment can handle the traffic during webinar. 

What we did

  • A number of Performance Tests and investigations, Web Spiders moved for the optimization work through the Ektron CMS API in the hosted environment.
  • A major change was carried forward within a very short timespan.
  • The team facilitates a number of processes through which the application can be monitored and the improvement can be reported easily.

Solution Highlights

  • Web Spiders used a variety of Test automation tools for the investigation purpose and generate the situation of the webinar with the virtual users considering the login section and viewing the webinar section.
  • Optimizations done from the source codes using Ektron API and Database level.
  • Profiling processes applied in order to monitor the situation running in Dry Run stage of the Webinar.
  • Extended Contention testing arranged in order to check the real life situation in order to ensure the optimization. The solution works without any issues during the actual webinar.

What we achieved

Client Speak -

"We appear to be over the largest spike of users without having any issues. Response times on the site stayed static throughout. CPU, memory and disk i/o on all the servers stayed at negligible levels (less than 5% for most statistics)."

Helping SCM World to run their monthly webinar smoothly within a major traffic

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Performance Testing
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United Kingdom



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