An eBusiness and Extranet Platform for Standards & Poor's

This online entity is both an e-business and an extranet platform for S&P. It allows S&P to distribute mutual fund analysis and ratings, and offer its online subscription services to Investors, Financial Advisors, Fund Managers and the Media.

What we did

  • Presents all the possible information that relates to a selected fund.
  • Funds can be located from a navigator that has an attractive GUI and offers advanced features like dragging to any part of the screen.
  • On selecting a fund, user will able to view the complete fact sheet for that fund that covers Summary; Ratings; Performance; Risk return; Holdings; and Awards.
  • Enable Quick Search which is simple, easy to use and of course really quick as the name suggests. The user only has to type the name of the fund or fund management company in the search box and click on the corresponding button. The search result will be immediately displayed. As well as advanced search that covers customization and complex search criterion. Search can be carried out on a fund database
  • This large scale web system was build using combination of MS .Net Framework and Cold Fusion using Web Services; MS SQL Server with in-built XML Support, Reporting Services, Notification Services and tools like Corda's Pop Chart Server for Dynamic Images and flash charts.

Solution Highlights

  • The system runs of 7 Servers and has 50,000+ users with load balancing capability.
  • Besides the Web Server and Database Server, it has dedicated Charts and alerts servers as well. It has direct data feeds into its 28 databases with over 10 million records.
  • Additionally there is a content management system for News and other areas, designed for custom inputs. Funds-sp is the World's #1 Site for Fund Analysis and Performance. (We call it the Yahoo of Mutual Funds).

What we achieved

  • Integrated Alert tool that allows users to create complex criteria by setting fund parameters and their corresponding change values, on the basis of mails that are automatically fired by the system to the user, whenever there is a change in the value of the specified fund, as pre-specified in the alert criteria.
  • Integrated Book builder that allows the user to bookmark specific pages of interest that they have visited. Clicking on these bookmarks takes the users to the desired page.
  • Integrated Chart builder that allows the users to create customized charts from the fact sheet information of a fund. Existing charts can be further edited, printed or deleted. An additional functionality has been given through which users can copy the source code and save it in their computer. This would allow them to view the chart offline, anytime.
  • Integrated Portfolio builder that allows the users to segregate specific funds of their interests into discrete portfolios. Users can add, update and delete portfolios as well.
  • Integrated Table builder that allows the users to create a customized table based on their unique business requirements. This is undoubtedly the most fascinating feature of Funds-SP. Table builder allows amazing customization – almost the same as provided by any database management system and even more.

Industry :
Banking and Insurance
Expertise :
CMS Integration , Custom Web Solution
Country :
United States



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