Web Spiders manages the Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram account of Heinz Singapore and Heinz Babies Singapore and Facebook accounts of Heinz Malaysia and Heinz Babies Malaysia. Web Spiders has set up the Facebook pages of Heinz Singapore and Heinz Babies Singapore from scratch and is responsible to conceptualize and strategize Facebook posts and campaigns for all four projects.

What we did

Web Spiders creates witty and humorous posts for Heinz Singapore and Heinz Malaysia so that fans find them interesting and engaging. In addition to that, Web Spiders also creates informative posts and infographics on various parenting topics for Heinz Babies Singapore and Heinz Babies Malaysia. Accordingly Web Spiders designs creative that suit the Facebook posts and uploads them on the social platforms on a regular basis. Web Spiders also designs cover photos and profile photos for all the Heinz social accounts on special occasions and national as well as International holidays.

Solution Highlights

The social channels are monitored on a regular basis throughout the day. All queries, feedback, compliment, complaint and suggestions are responded to within a few minutes. Web Spiders has conceptualized and organized various app based as well as timeline contests for all the Heinz pages. The company is also responsible to promote special offers, promotions and events for all the Heinz accounts and to inform its customers and fans about these events and offers, Web Spiders designs and blasts newsletters on a regular interval. In addition to that, Web Spiders boosts posts and run Facebook ads to increase post reach, page Likes and attract new fans to the Facebook pages.

What we achieved

The client is delighted with the way Web Spiders manages their social accounts. Over the last 4 years, almost all the Product Managers of Heinz have appreciated how Web Spiders has managed their pages, promoted their products and successfully established a brand persona. This is what one of the Product Managers had to say:

“WS Group has played an important role in developing Heinz's social media platforms in Singapore. With the help of WS, Heinz has been able to implement new and effective social media strategies on regular basis, as well as reach our target audience and customers in a timely and efficient manner. WS has provided efficient and prompt support in handling customer queries and synergizing with the Heinz marketing team to create cohesive campaigns that showcase Heinz's core values. We are very pleased with the services provided by WS and would not hesitate to recommend them.”


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Food and Beverages
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Social Media Management
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