Coupons and Deals based mobile app

COURTS was started as a retail store for furniture in the United Kingdom. Now, it is one of the leading IT, electrical and furniture retailers in Southeast Asia. In October 2012, COURTS Asia was listed on the Mainboard of the Singapore Exchange. COURTS Singapore approached WS to develop a coupon and deal-based app which would let users purchase products and pay with PayPal and credit cards.

What we did

  • WS developed m-commerce app with the iOS platform for COURTS Singapore, to help users browse deals and purchase products of their choice by paying through Paypal or credit cards. Users would also receive geo-fencing alerts based on their proximity to outlets.
  • gamification is there on the app to increase user engagement gamification includes badges earned based on user interactions such as purchase, feature usage, check-in to outlets, FB shares etc. also there is an catalogue viewer to check latest product catalogues

Solution Highlights

  • Inbuilt shopping cart to let users purchase products of their choice through the app.
  • Payment gateway to let customers pay via PayPal or credit cards.
  • Push notifications for events & deals.
  • Gamification to encourage users to browse and purchase products.
  • Catalogue viewer to let users browse products.

What we achieved

  • Increased user engagement for shopping via app.
  • Quick access to deals for users via geo-fencing alerts and push notifications.
  • Increased user engagement via gamification.

Coupons and Deals based mobile app

Industry :
Information Technology , Retail and Consumer Products
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E-commerce and M-commerce , Enterprise Mobile App Solutions
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