Building the Brand Voice on Social Media

The objective of the client was to reach out to their target audience in Singapore via Facebook and keep them updated on the latest offers and newly launched flavours. WS created the Facebook page of Fisherman’s Friend Singapore in November 2014 and has been managing it since then.

What we did

We started with interactive and trivia based posts to capture audience attention and boost engagement on the page, and gradually moved on to experimenting with new kinds of posts, such as GIFs and riddles, to maintain engagement and bring variety to the updates on the page.

In between, we also ran Timeline Contests on Facebook to further drum up engagement and interactivity on the page.

Solution Highlights

We posted engaging updates that highlight brand messaging and convey information about launch of new flavours and new offers on an ad hoc basis. Care was taken to ensure the page content is constantly evolving, utilising new features like GIFs to keep the page fresh and attractive.

We conceptualised and designed creatives needed by the client for social media marketing, including Facebook covers. WS has also helped the client promote their offline contests on Facebook.

In February 2015, we ran a five-day contest named 'Spot the Packs', where the contestants had to spot the number of Fisherman's Friend packs in a given image and post the right answer in comments. Each day, one winner was announced, who walked away with 24 packs of Fisherman's Friend in multiple flavours. Throughout the 5 days, different images were posted and the winners were announced on the following days.

What we achieved

Within a period of 6 months, page likes were boosted from 0 to 3000+.

During the five days of 'Spot the Packs' contest, there were 831 responses with 1767 engaged users. The contest post engagement rate was 22.5%. There were 756 post likes and 227 additional likes on the Fisherman's Friend's Facebook page during this five-day period.

As of September 2016, there are 5K+ likes on the page and the number is steadily increasing.

Building the Brand Voice on Social Media

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