Bolstering Brand Presence and Social Media management

The objective of the client was to maintain and boost their brand presence in Singapore via Facebook and keep their target audience updated on recent brand activities, offerings and achievements. Additional responsibilities included responding to queries and complaints on the page from customers and general public.

What we did

WS started monitoring and managing the Facebook page of DHL Express Singapore from September 2015. We proposed and conceptualised branded posts that focused on the recent brand activities and achievements in the Asia Pacific region, especially Singapore. We would also propose and run Timeline contests in between, to maximise page reach and engagement.

Solution Highlights

One of our daily responsibilities included crisis, complaint and query management, where responses were compiled in accordance with specific brand guidelines. In case of unique queries, we would alert the client and send a suggested response to them for approval.

Every day the page would receive about 5-6 messages and comments per day.  During peak crisis period, the page received about 20 messages and comments a day.

We proposed branded posts based on the DHL Global promotional material sent by the client and news items that focused on DHL activities in Singapore and Asia Pacific region.

We would also propose Timeline contest ideas and mechanics independently, as well as based on any contest idea/theme sent by client. In April 2016, we ran a 5 day contest named 'DHL Rugby 7s Contest', where the contestants had to watch the video posted and provide the right answer to the contest question in comments. 5 lucky winners with correct answers were picked to win exclusive DHL Rugby 7s goodie bags.

What we achieved

Facebook’s “Very Responsive” button was constantly on for this page even in times of crisis when there would be 20 messages and comments on average every day.

A variety of branded posts were proposed, ranging from infographics and videos to news items and promotional posts.

During the 5 days of 'DHL Rugby 7s Contest' contest, 2,946 people were reached. There were 102 comments, 50 shares and 579 views. No media buy was used for boosting the contest post.

Bolstering Brand Presence and Social Media management

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