Application for Managing Technical Information Database of the Local Products

MME team has engaged Web Spiders to carry out the technical implementation of the enhancements on the existing TILP application (which was in MS- Access) to manage and maintain the Products of Mitsubishi Motors Europe as per the current requirement.

What we did

  • Automated system for managing millions of motor parts/products
  • Scale up from locally available application to global application
  • User Role Management as per the departmental/group activity
  • Ajax based Document Management System
  • Online Approval process to ensure the end quality end product
  • Implementation of automated data synchronization process with global database (IBM MAINFRAME)
  • Stress testing done for 300 concurrent users
  • Data Migration for last 7 years

Solution Highlights

  • Re-engineering,took bottom-up approach to identify the Business Logic from the existing MS -Access Application
  • Provided a browser based application built in LAMP technology to ensure the availability outside the LAN
  • Introduced cutting edge UI flow for managing different phases of the product lifecycle
  • Progressive/suggestive Search
  • Implementation of EL Finder with CakePHP for multilevel directory browsing
  • Using advanced cache mechanism for quick rendering of reports
  • Introduced Java -PHP handshaking to automate both way the data transfer process from the application to MME’s centralized data bank.
  • Generating Activity log for the entire product development lifecycle

What we achieved

  • Seamless shifting of operation from the MS -Access to Web Based application
  • Eliminate all the manual process of updating processed data to the centralized database
  • Made system available for across the globe
  • Detailed and customized data feeds/ reports for the stakeholders
  • Established a robust system to manage the lifecycle of products
  • Eliminate the process of exchanging data in hardcopy

Application for Managing Technical Information Database of the Local Products

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