15% growth in market share, 65% customer interaction handled automatically after chatbot implementation

The objective of the client was to enhance the live chat functionality on their website in order to ensure a 100% response rate that was as quick or more than standard live support desk. They wanted to reduce support staff expenses, and ensure consistent responses were provided across all touchpoints.

What we did

WS developed a customised travel assistant bot, Chanzilla for the client. It is powered by Zoe, our AI-powered enterprise platform. Apart from responding to commonly asked questions, the chatbot has been trained to suggest travel packages based on different criteria, such as specific occasions, preferred travel times and different types of budget.

Solution Highlights

  • WS has seamlessly integrated the in-house API of Chan Brothers Travel to extract up-to-date information on pricing.
  • Chanzilla, powered by Zoe, offers a part--by--part breakdown of the itinerary of a chosen package, as well as informs about customs and obligations of a particular region.
  • The chatbot is equipped to provide 24x7 assistance to people during trips and offers useful info on conversion rates of currency and weather.
  • Chanzilla has been trained to act both as a concierge and a support desk for travel enthusiasts.

What we achieved

  • Chanzilla holds up “to 65 percent of the conversation with the customer before requiring human intervention, if at all.”
  • Since the launch of Chatzilla, chat conversions have contributed to between 10 and 15 percent growth in the client’s market share.
  • Chanzilla gives instant responses, a priority with tech savvy customers.
  • The chatbot, powered by Zoe, manages multiple conversations simultaneously.
  • Chanzilla provides recommendations following user preferences.
  • The chatbot provides standardised responses.
  • Chanzilla offers 24x7 access to live chat facility..

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