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The ideal candidate for this job should possess good understanding of Tender portals and Excel skills, as well as strong data analyst skills to effectively analyze and manage data.

Location: Kolkata, Newtown.

Employment type - Full Time

Experience- 2-3 years

The role involves the following responsibilities:

  • Analyzing and optimizing the creation of Cold Email Marketing Database for US, UK, SG, and India using appropriate data analysis tools and techniques.
  • End-to-end procurement of Cold Database from various Database Vendors using data analysis tools to evaluate the quality and relevance of the data.
  • Conducting data quality check and validation of the database using 'Never Bounce' and other data analysis tools.
  • Developing and implementing data-driven Email Marketing Cadence Campaign in with the help of data analysis tools.
  • Creating Database from LinkedIn Sales Navigator Search and Sales Robot tools by analyzing and filtering relevant data.
  • Conducting data analysis on the daily management of LinkedIn Campaign in Sales Robot and individual chats with fresh leads to identify trends and optimize performance.
  • Setting up the call with pre-sales team and fresh leads from Sales Robot by analyzing and prioritizing leads based on data insights.
  • Sharing comprehensive lead info & company's background with pre-sales team by analyzing and presenting data-driven insights.
  • Setting up Internal HR Cadence Campaign in based on data-driven insights and analysis.
  • Setting up different email campaigns in MailChimp, Zoe (Internal Office tool) by conducting data analysis on audience segmentation, content optimization, and campaign performance.
  • Regularly conducting data analysis and reporting during the live campaign to optimize performance and improve ROI.
  • Conducting data-driven campaign reporting at the end of every campaign (one-time) to evaluate performance, identify opportunities for improvement, and inform future campaigns.
  • Maintaining confidential databases of companies in CRM (MailChimp, Copper, Infusionsoft, Zoho) by conducting regular data analysis and quality check to ensure accuracy and relevance of the data.

Pre-Sales Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Regularly conducting data analysis on 6-7 Tender bidding portals in US, UK, SG, and India (GeBiz, TenderBoard, SESAMI, CPPP, GEM, Bidprime, Bidnet, ContractfinderUK) to identify relevant opportunities.
  • Uploading relevant tender documents on Trello with all the tender details and conducting data analysis to track progress and optimize performance.
  • Regularly conducting data-driven Tender Portals Scan's Report sent to CEO to inform decision-making.
  • Conducting regular data analysis on Upwork to identify relevant opportunities and automate the process of uploading them to an Excel sheet.
  • Regularly conducting data-driven Upwork Scan's Report sent to CEO to inform decision-making.

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