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The term ‘wiki’ instantly makes us think about Wikipedia. However a wiki can be used in numerous ways in an organization, aligning it’s implementation with day to day organizational events, activities, needs and goals. Here are some tips to make effective use of your enterprise wikis to make the most of your valuable work time:

Set a meeting agenda: You can put your meeting agenda on a wiki page and mail the page link to your team. This saves time and effort compared to the conventional way of emailing meeting agenda since you can make changes to it very easily.

Manage projects: You can use wiki as a project management tool as it permits you to set meeting agenda and organize actions. Wiki helps you to track progress through action items. You can also assemble proposals, review and revise them together, thus saving you the effort of emailing every now and then.

Reuse and assemble data: With wiki, you can document and organize project proposals and other associated reusable pieces of information, thus paving the way for the creation of future applications.

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