Smartphone Usage Dominated By Facebook and Google Map

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A new mobile application report by Nielsen has indicated considerable increase in Smartphone usage along with the stats for the most popular applications. More than 4,200 people who had downloaded a mobile application in the last 30 days were surveyed.

The survey revealed that 21% of American wireless subscribers own Smartphones. Also it indicates that the average number of apps that a feature phone user has on his or her device is 10, while the average number of apps a Smartphone user has is 22.

An elaborate report follows showing the average number of installed apps based on Smartphone OS:

  • BlackBerry: 10
  • iPhone: 37
  • Android: 22
  • Palm: 14
  • Windows Mobile: 13

The most popular apps across most Smartphones were maps, weather, Facebook and music, which seemed consistent in this report.

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