Kindle App Now Available for Blackberry – But With A Squint


For those who own a Kindle, the size might prove to be a problem while on the go. iPhone users definitely have an advantage here with the Kindle app available on their phones, but what about Blackberry users? Well, there’s good news from Amazon for you.  The Kindle for Blackberry app is now available in beta, bringing more than 400,000 books in the palm of your hand!

You can get this app from Amazon’s mobile download site right from your Blackberry browser or you can download it from Amazon’s main website. The app gives you access to your Kindle library, and has various other features. The only downside to the Kindle app for Blackberry seems to be the reading experience on Curve 8520 or Bold 9700 screens. However, the text size can be adjusted to one’s preference. Owners of Storm and Storm 2 who plan on getting the Kindle app will have a better reading experience with their large screens.


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