Facebook Integration: The Social Side Of the iPhone OS 4 Revealed


Users of the HTC Sense and webOS are already familiar with the tight social networking on their handsets. Seemingly ready to join this group is Apple, with evidence of contacts integration and low-level Facebook events revealed in the iPhone OS 4 (to be launched soon).

It has been stated in a certain website that Apple has probably created a ‘separate type of contact’ just for Facebook. This claim has even been backed by quite a number of jailbroken iPhone’s running the OS 4.

Services such as Twitter are also supposed to be available, though there is no such proof backing this claim till now.

Inside reports also suggest the inclusion of multiple ‘Linked Contacts’ which enable the association of a single entry in the iPhone OS 4’s contacts app. All doubts will be put to rest with the launch of the iPhone OS 4.


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