Drupal Improves Scalability at the Cost of Speed

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Drupal, a leading Web Content Management System, announced it would upgrade its scalability in its upcoming Drupal 7 version by sacrificing its speed. The upgraded Drupal version will be available from the month of June onwards.

The current version of Drupal 6 is a little faster than the upcoming Drupal 7 version. Drupal 7, however, would be more scalable and would be able to power bigger websites. Drupal 7 also features 70 modules including an image API and an increased code size. Drupal 7 would be in sync with the company’s growth momentum.  Drupal is also planning for a subsequent Drupal 8 upgrade focusing on configuration management and staging. Companies like IBM and Microsoft are supporting the move of Drupal by empowering their sites with the CMS, backing the Acquia Drupal distribution, and linking the SQL server database. Drupal 8 version would also be focusing on Git distributed revision control system. Drupal is giving importance to the areas of Semantic Web, RDF, cloud computing and SaaS in the coming years.

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