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Sitecore Connect Software for Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Meeting deadlines can be uphill tasks for even the most talented digital marketing professionals. Amidst rush hour operations like writing, posting, uploading, editing, strategizing etc., innovation bears the biggest brunt. Even a few skipped lunches fail to accommodate hours for skill update.

Not innovating means ultimately organizations will fail to build long-term, scalable marketing strategies. Sitecore Connect software for Salesforce Marketing Cloud is saving time for overworked marketing professionals. How? Let us check.

1. Multi-platform image upload

Marketers who create both website and email content in bulk amount know how much time and effort are needed to upload images. Phase 1 of Sitecore Connect software for Salesforce Marketing Cloud enables marketers to upload images via shared folders so that images can be propagated to multiple platforms at once.

2. Site data integration with Marketing Cloud campaigns

Content personalization is crucial for the success of marketing campaigns. With the support of Sitecore Connect and Journey Builder and Email Studio of Salesforce Marketing Cloud digital marketers can create personalized content for campaigns. To propagate optimum and personalized content across multiple channels, digital marketers can use Sitecore ‘Experience Manager’ and Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

3. Improved customer experience

Sitecore Connect software for Salesforce Marketing Cloud can provide digital marketers with insights into customer behavior. Marketing professionals can study customer interaction on multiple channels. Knowledge gained can be leveraged in content personalization. Digital marketers should further explore this feature to offer improved customer experience.

Sitecore partners like Web Spiders can leverage the potential of Sitecore Connect for Salesforce Marketing Cloud to achieve optimized results for marketing operations. Fill up the contact form and book a demo.


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