A Roundup of Mobile Commerce Stats in U.S

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In recent years, mobile commerce has seen a phenomenally expanding user base across the globe. It is still evolving with numerous positive figures in its stride. Here is a report that presents mobile commerce stats in the U.S.

Mobile purchasing habits in the US

  1. 37% of US Smartphone users have made a (non-mobile) purchase on their handsets in the last six months.
  2. 19% have purchased music, 14% have bought books, DVDs or games, and 12% have purchased movie tickets.

Mobile internet usage

  1. 47% of regular mobile internet users hail from urban areas. 42% of mobile internet users earn over £40,000 annually compared to 31% of non users.
  2. Daily mobile internet users tend to spend more on their monthly mobile bills. 55% pay over £30 a month, compared to 10% of non users.

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