10 iPad Apps To Try


The iPad’s rising popularity is not just because of its terrific design, but also because of the apps. There are scores of apps being released and announced and here are some of the must-haves for every iPad owner. Twitterrific for iPad, Magic Piano, Bento for iPad, Pandora for iPad, OmniGraffle for iPad, MLB At Bat for iPad, Netflix for iPad, Scrabble for iPad, Redux for iPad, and Box.net for iPad.

Twitterrific for iPad is a popular Twitter client now also going to be available on the iPad. Magic Piano lets you play classical piano pieces on a circular keyboard. Bento for iPad lets you manage to-do lists, and inventories. Pandora for iPad lets you browse the music library and build playlists while listening to music. OmniGraffle for iPad lets you create page layout designs, mockups and wireframes.

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