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For more than a decade now, Web Spiders has been offering comprehensive website development and deployment solution with Sitecore to clients operating in business and government sectors, across the globe.

Leveraging the highly flexible architecture of Sitecore, Web Spiders develops and deploys websites for both desktop and mobile web, along with seamless integration with popular social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. We also utilize the extensive analytics provided by Sitecore to ensure better browsing experience for visitors.

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Why Sitecore?

Sitecore has been one of the highly popular content management and web development platforms across the globe since its launch, way back in 2001. The platform is the driving force behind more than 32,000 websites, including those of globally popular business enterprises like Microsoft, Canon, Nestle, Siemens, Thomas Cook, and Toshiba. Even the Danish parliament chose to use this platform for their website.

The state-of-the-art features offered by Sitecore include the following:

  • Built on the basis of Microsoft .NET platform, Sitecore supports development and deployment of websites for both desktop and mobile web, using either XML or .NET technology.

  • Capable of leveraging Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle database management systems for back-end data processing, Sitecore makes back-end data management quick and user-friendly.

  • Offering seamless support for Microsoft's Azure cloud computing platform, Sitecore allows service providers to offer web development solutions to clients across the globe.

  • With a centrally hosted Shared Source library, Sitecore allows developers from across the globe to share code and resources with one another.

Do more with Sitecore

Web Spiders can help you do more than simply run a website and attract visitors. Utilizing Sitecore's AIDA technology, we help you analyze insights based on browsing patterns and behaviors of individual visitors gathered from multiple channels (desktop web, mobile web, apps, etc.), and offer you in-depth consultation about improving visitor experience. We also offer comprehensive search engine optimization (SEO) through Sitecore's inbuilt tools and technologies, thereby ensuring more web traffic and lifetime customers.


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