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Products and Services for Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Commitment of Providing Quality Services

Web Spiders has been certified and awarded with the ISO 9001:2008 certification for “Design and Development of Software for Web and Mobile Platforms."

As a Customer

  1. Web Spiders is focused on meeting customer requirements in terms of Time, Cost and Quality.
  2. Web Spiders maintains an index called customer satisfaction index which is derived after taking measurable feedback from the customers. This index is tracked for continual improvement quarter on quarter.
  3. There is a defined and documented methodology for project management and quality control which ensures that your projects are delivered on time, on budget and at the highest standards of quality in software and creative design.
  4. To ensure that 'what we say' is 'what we do' there is a disciplined and periodic system of Internal Review & audit coupled with an Independent 3rd party audit for our entire quality management system.
  5. The pillars of strength are our deep rooted focus on 'continual improvement' and 'innovation'. Together they promise to bring newer opportunities to our customers and continually enhance the bar for customer satisfaction.
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ISO 9001:2008


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