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Delivery Models

Onsite Software Services

Delivery of Web Spiders services are provided both onsite and offshore and the selection of delivery model depends upon the requirement of the customer.

Onsite Software Services

Onsite Software Services from Web Spiders addresses the need for organizations to conduct the following at their premises:

  • Business process consulting
  • Onsite systems analysis
  • Project deployment & testing
  • Personnel training
  • Expanding in-house teams with more versatile software engineers

Our project managers, software engineers and media designers travel to your location and work onsite for contracts ranging from 3 months to 3 years. They bring a vast legacy and knowledge of software engineering practices to your organization and coordinate with the main development centre in India for additional inputs and resources.

In many cases the onsite services complements the off-shore development team and they work in close coordination to achieve the desired results of the project.

Web Spiders' onsite software services forms an integral strategy for e-Businesses worldwide. From tackling the resource availability problem to forming a bridge to the off-shore development team, onsite services have become a mandatory requirement for medium to large scale projects.

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