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One office worker can use a quarter ton of materials in a year--which includes 10,000 pieces of copier paper. Heating, cooling and powering office space are responsible for almost 40% of carbon dioxide emissions in the U.S. and gobble more than 70% of total electricity usage. Commuters spew 1.3 billion tons of CO2 a year. Computers in the office burn $1 billion worth of electricity annually--and that's when they're not producing a lick of work.

- Going Green at the Office, Time Magazine

Web Spiders, as a specialist provider of Enterprise Mobility & Web Engineering Services across the globe, is aware of its responsibility as a global citizen to protect the environment and conserve natural resources. At Web Spiders, we constantly strive to reduce the environmental impact of the work we do. The three major areas of particular attention are Energy Efficiency, Recycling and Waste Reduction.

Energy Efficiency

The greatest environmental impact of a device is often its energy consumption over time. We take great care to ensure that we use the most advanced energy-efficient products available; and also conserve electrical energy with power-saving fittings.


To minimize our environmental footprint, we have a holistic approach towards recycling. Web Spiders is committed towards recycling of all types resources, including but not limited to paper, hardware and water.

Waste Reduction

At Web Spiders, we take care to minimize the creation of waste in our daily operations and business activities. We make maximum utilization of hardware to create minimum amount of industrial waste.

By adopting a Reduce–Reuse–Recycle approach, Web Spiders continually makes a conscientious effort to minimize its impact on the environment.

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